On November 16 and 17, 2018, we brought you a new literary festival that’s sure to become an instant classic on the New York literary scene. The inaugural Pessoa International Literary Festival brings together celebrated writers from Portugal, Brazil, and the United States in conversations about their work.

Now, between November 13 and 16, 2019, we’re bringing the party to Lisbon with more than thirty writers, critics, and other literary figures from across the Portuguese-speaking world, including Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida, Alexandre Vidal Porto, Estevão Azevedo, Alexandra Lucas Coelho, Carol Rodrigues, Matilde Campilho, Tatiana Salem Levy, Lucílio Manjate, and Isabel Lucas. Read an article on the site of Pessoa (in Portuguese) or view the program in both English and Portuguese.


Watch this space for more information about the 2020 New York edition of the festival.

Guests at the 2018 festival included John Keene, Paul Beatty, Rivka Galchen, Leslie Jamison, Estevão Azevedo, Carol Rodrigues, Alexandre Vidal Porto, Isabel Lucas, Roberto Taddei, Ana Kiffer, Andy Tepper, Susan Bernofsky, and Eric M. B. Becker.